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Change is here//Faith. Risk. Moments. Dreams

Life is a journey and each day this journey unfolds different than I ever expected…but that’s what makes life an adventure I guess. Over the months God has poured down healing waters into my soul, but also began stirring something within me and Branden. Recently I blogged, The death of my sight and vision where I believe God has been clearing out my sight and making way for something new-His vision.

As Branden and I have been processing stirrings within, we came to a point where living by faith is the only option. We came to this crossroads: To sit in the comfortable and routine or step out into the unknown and live by complete faith in the great I AM. I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been meditating on Mark 4:19 and also other stories of people walking in faith in scripture. And I just can’t shake it. The more I press into scripture, God’s Spirit presses upon my soul, pushing me out into the uncomfortable-the unknown.

I will be sharing more of this journey through this week as this has been an exciting spiritual journey thus far. But what this means practically is, CHANGE is here!-I think change is good, needed and refreshing!

Branden and I are taking steps of faith which means, we sold our home, are living in temporary housing and at the end of February he will no longer be employed as a pastor at Rolling Hills. Starting in March, he will be working part time with a missions organization Berean Way for a season as we listen, seek and trust God for the next steps in this journey. (If you want to read more from Branden’s perspective, check out his blog here.)

In this new season I’ve been overcome with supernatural peace, the kind of peace that surpasses all understanding. (Philippians 4:7) I’ve been more at peace about the unknown future than the “security” and comfort of the known. I think sometimes in our comfort we think we know true peace but as I am experiencing, supernatural peace in God is found in risky faith.

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