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Bloglovin:: For those who love blogs

Here is just a quick tip for those of you who love reading blogs like myself, but don’t have an organized way to do so or haven’t discovered bloglovin yet. Though I am no expert I wanted to share this tip that has helped make my  morning routine of blog reading a little easier. Since I have an awful memory and can’t remember the url names of all my favorite blogs, instead of going to each site, I just pop over to Bloglovin where it shows me in my feed which blogs I follow are updated. I then can scroll through and read my favorite blogs while sipping my decaf coffee. 🙂

Bloglovin is a website that you can follow, categorize, and read your blogs daily from.  If you haven’t joined Bloglovin‘ yet–you should!  And if you aren’t following me yet on Bloglovin the button is here on the right>>, just scroll down a bit.

Happy Blog Reading!

And I am always open to more tips so if you have any I would love to hear! 🙂


In the picture below you can see the categories I can created to sort and organize my blogs. 🙂

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