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Speak of Hope.

Laid up on the couch all weekend plagued with a cold I spent the hours lost in the pages of Bonhoeffer, a thick book I am slowly making my way through. I came across his speech he gave to his confirmation candidates in 1932. My heart was stirred as I read his ending lines of his speech, his words echoed my deepest passion, hope.

“Today you are not to be given fear of life but courage; and so today in the Church we shall speak more than ever of hope, the hope that we have and which no one can take from you.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In the quiet of my living room I whispered, yes! Let’s be a people who speak of hope fearlessly and courageously.

No one can steal our hope.

Our hope is secured.

Let’s dare to be people who hope,

more courageously

more passionately

more boldly.  


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