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The moment I forget…

The moment I forget, when I lose sight of grace is when life’s perspectives change.
When I forget, forget I am a sinner bought with blood is when I believe God owes me things.
But when I choose to remember, remember I am saved by grace, it changes my soul.
When I live under the weight of the cross, my life desires alter.
I owe my life to Him who is worthy of all.
I owe Him all my life.
He does not owe me life.
Nor does he owe me the life of my dreams.
My hours of life altered at the foot of the cross.
When I forget grace, that is the moment I have lost my way.
When I forget the cross, that is the moment I think life is about me.
Oh but the cross, His sweet grace–compels me bow low.
I am owed nothing, because I already have been given life I did not deserve. 


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