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Monthly Archives: February 2014

One week ago today I sat in the CICU waiting room hearing the words you never want to hear. I watched my family mourn and wail as the life of my sweet Aunt was finished on this earth. It all seems so unreal and like a bad dream I am still living. Yesterday we celebrated […]

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  • Bitsy Donham - what a precious gift Susan was in your life….thanks for sharing the depth of your love, loss and hope of the wonderful reunion and eternity ahead of being together. <3 you

  • Morgan - This is so sweet. You are so brave sharing your inmost being, the tough stuff. I am so sorry for your loss. Love you, sweet friend! XOXReplyCancel

  • Laura L. Hasenkamp Oien - Susan’s memorial was beautiful, heart felt, and was such a beautiful picture of how she loved her Lord. As hard as it must of been for you I just wanted you to know that the message was perfect, there was a presence of the Lord there. Rest in the Lord so that your strength will be renewed. Katie you were a servant of the Lord, Thank-youReplyCancel

The morning light peeks through the slots of my window coverings prodding me of this new today. A new morning has come and the reality of waking sits heavy on my chest. My swollen, tear drained eyes pop open instantly as my mind fires off in all directions trying to find my center to land […]

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  • Bitsy Donham - So very sorry for the loss and grief you are in the midst of….. so very very Thankful that we know about Sunday and the hope that gives us in the midst of pain and loss. Love you, pryaing for you <3

  • Brenda Cauvel Craig - What a beautiful depiction of the sorrow and hope you all face right now.ReplyCancel

  • Deb Williams-Farnsworth - Katie….in 2011 my parents died within 3 weeks of one another and since then it has been “Sunday” that gives me the hope and knowing of seeing them again….praying for all of you!ReplyCancel

  • Norene Mandeville - Katie, I am so sorry for your loss. You are gifted and were lucky to be so close to her. Death at a young age is never expected and she is so lucky to be in heaven. It is just hard for the ones who love her.. I will pray for all of you. Love you all!ReplyCancel

  • Jennie McKinney Bradstreet - My heart hurts for you as I read this. I am so sorry for the loss and the grief you are feeling. Praying for you. ReplyCancel

  • Debra Stoker - Thank you for sharing your heart! Praying continually for you all! After losing my dad, mother in law and brother this year, the hope of ” Sunday” keeps me moving forward day by day, week by week! ReplyCancel

I stayed up into the late hours of the night that then turned into morning light. With my journal in my hand I wrote down every memory I could recollect–I wanted to savor them, store them in my breaking soul, and never forget them. I realized I had to move out of bed this morning […]

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  • Caitlin - The relationship that you two seemed to have shared is beautiful. An aunt is a very special gift. Praying for you and your family today, and always.ReplyCancel

  • Kerri Weiland - Claim each memory, each space, fill it with great memories, special moments, wisdom your aunt has given. Let the light in Katie! Lots of it! And with each tear know He alone is your comfort. His provision and your time with your aunt is so special. What a wonderful gift. Holy Spirit bind Katie’s heart, pour out your love and tender mercy. Love to you….He loves you and will comfort you and give you the strength to face this week. XOXOXOReplyCancel

  • Stacie - Katie – thank you for writing this…grief is a hard thing in life. It ebbs and flows like the ocean. It feels like an amputation. We cling to the hope that we are given in Christ and that’s what we have to live for…the hope, the fact that He overcame death and we now can look forward to being with Him (and our loved ones) for eternity, never to be separated again. So pain, no tears, no fear, no sickness, no hurt…oh Lord, please give Katie and her family extra measures of grace and peace and wrap your arms around them, comforting them in that special way that only You can comfort. Amen. And may those memories give you comfort also, even though they may bring tears.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Suthard Jodoin - What a beautiful relationship you shared with your Aunt. I am so sorry for your loss Katie. May God bring you joy filled memories to help you through this sad time. ReplyCancel

I have been processing over the idea of how I, how we as American Jesus-followers perceive blessings. Blessings from God. I’ve witnessed in myself and others how quick we are to conclude what is and is not a blessing from God. Through the course of life we see situations and circumstances that, from the outside […]

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  • Carrie Postma - I’m screaming AMEN. I was literally thinking this today about our moving situation. Great perspective, Katie!ReplyCancel