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The Sacred Wait // featured post

Living in a “microwave” culture of instant gratification, many of us don’t know what waiting is really all about. Whatever we want, we get quickly and often. Many of us are upset that our Starbucks line may cause us to get our drink in 5 minutes rather than 3 minutes and that just won’t fly because we want it NOW! 🙂 When we want to buy something we simply go online immediately to We press purchase with a quick click of the mouse and have it on our doorsteps in 2 days or less. We are so accustomed to the culture of fast, now, easy and quick. Because we have been raised in a culture that has taught us the fine skill of instant gratification, the art and discipline of waiting has faded into the distant past.

If we call ourselves Jesus-followers then we aren’t called to be a part of the world’s kingdom and way of the fast life. We are beckoned to live another way, the way of God’s Kingdom, the upside down Kingdom. This Kingdom I believe includes the patient act of waiting on God to move because story after story in the scriptures reveals to us that God’s people, then and now, are often in seasons of waiting.

If I were to ask you today where in your story are you finding yourself waiting, what would you say?

Waiting for a confidant, a forever friend
Waiting for the loneliness to end
Waiting for a spouse
Waiting for a job
Waiting for financial freedom
Waiting for relief
Waiting for the cure
Waiting for an answer
Waiting to be loved
Waiting for the heartbreak to end
Waiting for the house to sell
Waiting for a precious orphan to become your child
Waiting for the reconciliation between a family member
Waiting for the baby you long to conceive
Waiting for eternity to be reunited with the love ones we’ve said goodbye to too soon
Waiting to go home and be with the King of Kings
Waiting for tomorrow
Waiting to hear, to simply just hear whispers from God, what’s next

Because we as American’s have been shaped to buck against waiting at all costs, when God allows these seasons of waiting into our lives we often fall apart and usually have a crisis of faith.

We flee waiting.
We cringe waiting.
We fight waiting.
We avoid waiting at all costs!

How do I know this?


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