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Experience Oils without Breaking your Bank // 25 oils under $19!

It’s common for me to hear, “I want to try essential oils but I don’t know if I am ready for the commitment and investment of a kit”…. and I totally GET it! Starting off with a starter kit is the best value, but is also an investment into your health. For those, and you may be one, who hasn’t fully experienced the amazing benefits of essential oils, you may be apprehensive. And I want you to hear, that is ok. We all start somewhere, and it looks different for every family. Sometimes starting small and learning and experiencing oils at your own pace is right for you. Everyone’s needs and budgets are different, and there is a place for you. I previously have shared on the blog 16 oils for $16. But I wanted to spend today and expand on the list and ideas to creatively get oils in your home.

Did you know you can experience and get started with essential oils without breaking the bank?

Let me break down a few myths:

  • Myth One: To start ordering oils I have to get started with a Kit.
    • TRUTH: You can start ordering oils for only $35! You open your account membership (which is just like Costco or Amazon) Once you have your membership you have access to oils at a discount. The $35 is only paid your first year. *to renew yearly it is $25. but includes a free Peppermint!
      • Your membership includes: 25% off retail, Training + Education, A fun community, a welcome gift with goodies from me, and the option to earn points and free oils.
  • Myth Two: I have to sell oils to become a member
    • TRUTH: You can simply be a happy customer/oil user no strings attached. 🙂
  • Myth Three: I have to be locked into monthly orders.
    • TRUTH: You can order when you want and how you like. No monthly minimums.
  • Myth Three: High quality Essential oils are expensive.
    • TRUTH: Below I have a list of 25 oils under $19!
  1. Lemon – $10
  2. Wild Orange – $10.
  3. Lemongrass $10
  4. Terrashield -$10.50
  5. Melaleuca Touch – $12.50
  6. Lime – $13
  7. Breathe Touch – $13
  8. Cedarwood – $13
  9. Forgive Touch – $13
  10. Peppermint Touch – $13.50
  11. Lavender Touch – $13.75
  12. Rosemary $14
  13. Eucalyptus – $14
  14. Clove – $14
  15. Fennel – $15
  16. Tangerine $15
  17. Citrus Bliss – $15
  18. Motivate Touch – $15
  19. Cypress – $15.50
  20. Oregano Touch – $ 15.75
  21. Grapefruit – $16
  22. Cheer Touch –  $16.25
  23. Purify – $18.
  24. Peace Touch – $18.25
  25. Past Tense -$18.50

You may be thinking? How do I know what to buy or where to start without the guidance of a kit?
I put some some ideas together to guide you:

  1. First open your account for only $35. When you open your account you will receive in the mail a beautiful book filled with all the essential oils and how to use them.
  2. Next write down your top 3 health priorities
  3. Decide how serious you are about reaching those goals and then set your monthly budget.
    • How much do I want to spend a month on becoming healthier and achieving these goals?
  4. Then decide what oils will help meet those needs.
  5. Once you’ve got that done, every month place your order, slowly growing your natural medicine cabinet.

Still looking for ideas? Try these Combos for under $50.

  • If Immunity is your goal try these: Lemon, Oregano Touch, Melaleuca Touch. – $38.25
    • I also HIGHLY Recommend On Guard for Immunity Support!
  • Respiratory Support: Breath Touch, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus – $40.
  • If Supporting your Kids health is your goals try these: Lavender Touch, Melaleuca Touch, and Wild Orange – $36.25
  • Mood Support: Citrus Bliss, Forgive touch, Cheer Touch – $44.25
  • Sleep Support: Cedarwood, Lavender Touch, Breath Touch – $39.75
  • Muscle/ Tension Support: Cypress, Lemongrass, Past Tense – $43.75
  • Oils for Cleaning: Lemon, Purify – $28.

If you have questions or want to order essential oils email me:

Click here to open your personal doTERRA Oil Account here. 

* Prices reflect wholesale pricing on 15 ML bottles and 10 ML Touch Rollerballs

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