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Essential Oils

Embracing a holistic lifestyle.

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8 years ago I was faced with the news that I was 1 in 8.

My husband and I were 1 in 8 who faced the heartbreak of infertility. The journey of infertility led me to flip our lives upside down as I was desperate to do whatever it took to beat infertility. I began doing extensive research on our food and chemicals in our lives that can affect our hormones and can ultimately affect our lives. Because of all this new found knowledge we radically changed our diets, how we ate, and the things we brought into our homes, like cleaning chemicals. It has been a step by step journey of making these changes in our lifestyle. It didn’t happen over night, but a journey to embracing a holistic lifestyle. 

Halfway into my infertility journey my Aunt whom I was very close with, introduced me to essential oils. She had much enthusiasm as she shared how oils would promote a healthier lifestyle and fit perfectly into my new life of holistic living…..

though I trusted her, I was a skeptic.

Quickly after she introduced me to oils she moved into my home as she was dealing with severe health issues connected with her autoimmune disease. I would watch her rapidly decline and watched a woman I loved slowly lose her battle in my home. The days leading up to her passing my cousin took the Lavender oil and would rub her body to ease and comfort her in her discomfort. Soon after she passed I couldn’t bare to smell the scent of lavender as it was connected to a deep memory of her. And so I shut myself down from learning anything further regarding oils.

My infertility journey still was (and is) a part of my story. Once I was blessed with miracle twin girls, and after an incredibly difficult pregnancy and postpartum experience, I knew I wanted better options to support a holistic home of essential living and wellness. I wanted to feel equipped and empowered as the mother of my home to share natural solutions with those I love. As the grief of my Aunt turned into a new phase in my heart I was able to pick up where she had left off. So I began researching extensively and reading about the benefits of oils.  I was hungry to learn everything I could, attending classes, asking questions, and trying them for myself.

After some time passed I finally turned from a skeptic to a passionate believer that essential oils promotes and supports a holistic lifestyle…. From cleaning, to aiding my babies, to helping my husband, friends and family.

I NEVER dreamed this would one day be my story. And today I am thankful it is.

After encouragement from my husband,  I decided to step into this and pursue the business side of oils. I believe in the power of essential oils and I love the community essential oils has brought into my life. I love to be able to share holistic and natural living with other people who are on the same journey as I am.

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